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Social Media For CEOS

by bob on March 24, 2013


There are a lot of people and more importantly CEOs that do not know the true power of social media. The owner of wasn’t really into social media since it wont help him sell his aluminum tube but I showed him how it could help his company name go out to more people. Maybe you do not like technology or what not.

However, there is no denying that being a CEO is very stressful and you need to be ready to adapt and change in a heartbeat. The owner of started to try out social media to help out his locksmith in Miami part of the business. And changing to social media is a must if you want your business to succeed in the future. With social media rollease was able to grow as a company.
More and more, businesses are updating their Facebook more than their employees are. And this is very important because people are spending more time online than ever before. With social media you can find a lot Austin locksmith that are near you, you can also contact through their twitter and Facebook. That means that there are less people watching TV and more on the internet.

Also, they are telling you exacting what they are looking for. It’s not like TV that you are basically trying to get business at a person that you don’t know if they are looking for your business or not.

However, on the internet they are actively searching for products and you can target them perfectly. Social media can even be used if your company sells window treatments or does interior design. You can upload pictures of motorized shades from Window Treatments Store or anything else like does on it’s pinterest account, like the solar shades I saw there. They also sell the best window treatments for sliding glass doors and allow you to buy them online. Online you can also buy roll up shades and blackout window shades as well. Moreover, there are many cordless blinds to select from like insulated roman shades and woven blinds and wooden window blinds as well. This allows your customers to see all of your new products.

Moreover, you can even search and target your customers on facebook. What this means is that you can type in the city, age, gender and even how much money your potential customer is making. I know that the CEO of a seo miami company has a very hectic day but always puts his customers first. This is very important because you get to select who views your commercials. I know that when I was a bride to be I would always be on the look out for bridal commercials. I saw a few from Say Yes where they showcased their wedding gown from Say Yes Wedding #1 online bridal store and I fell in love while watching TV. This is something that not only happens to brides but to just about everyone. I hope you open your eyes and see all of the opportunities out there!